Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files stored in users' computers. These files are used to help the website better meet users' needs and to provide users with special services. Cookies are used in compliance with the relevant legislation, particularly with Law No. 66

Intended Use of Cookies

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

To improve the basic functions used on the website and needed for the correct and active use of the website;

To keep record of the user preferences when a user visits the website and provide the user with appropriate offers and services according to their needs in their next visit;

To facilitate the use of the website and improve its functions for the website visitors;

To allow for marketing and advertising activities by customizing the website for every customer.

Types and Functions of the Cookies in Use

There are two types of cookies used by our website: persistent and temporary cookies. As for persistent cookies, use of certain cookies is mandatory for the correct functioning of our website. When you log in our website, you will not be logged out after you open new tabs, which is an example for use of this type of cookies. Temporary cookies, on the other hand, are those which are stored during your session or visit, and then deleted soon once you close your browser.

These cookies are used to remember your preferences and choices regarding the website and customize the website services for you.

These cookies enable us to improve our services for you by analyzing your use of the website and our website performance.

You can customize your preferences regarding cookies by changing your browser settings. This way you are allowed to control the use of cookies. However, if you do not allow the use of cookies, you may not receive some of the online services provided by our Bank or may not see any opportunities specifically designed for you.

Under the Cookies Policy, the utilization settings or types of cookies used by our website may be changed or new cookies may be added to be used by the website. We reserve the right to amend the provisions of this Cookies Policy any time.

Pursuant to Articles 5 and 8 of the KVK Law and/or in case of an exception as specified in the relevant legislation, your personal data may be processed whenever necessary as per the legislation without your consent, or otherwise with your consent, for the purposes specified above. Our Bank may share your personal data under the Cookies Policy with legally authorized institutions, our business partners, suppliers or shareholders in compliance with the legislation and only for the accomplishment of the above-mentioned purposes. Please note that the parties to whom the data is transferred may keep your personal data in their servers located anywhere around the world.