About Our Security Policy

Our Bank adopts the following principal rules to protect the confidentiality of information you have provided on this website, as per its service understanding with a focus on customer satisfaction and security.

Information belonging to our customers is not shared with third parties in any way, without the knowledge and approval of the customers, excluding the institutions and authorities who have authority to access such information according to the related legislative provisions.

To protect the privacy of its customers' personal information, our Bank has taken all necessary measures by keeping its system and internet infrastructure at the most secure level. Do not hesitate to consult our Bank on issues you want to get more information about.

Our Bank ensures the organizations it receives support services from to comply with its privacy standards and terms.

Limitation of Liability

Contents, views and details on our Bank's website are only for information and indication purposes, and they must not be considered suggestions to make transactions or contracts for purchase, sales and so forth in any way, form or understanding. Our Bank does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and sufficiency of the information given on this website, and it is not liable for any mistakes and deficiencies in such information in any way and for any reason. Therefore, it is recommended to our customers to confirm the correctness of information before acting on the information/views and contents obtained from this website. Our customers are entirely liable for any decisions they make based on this information, and our Bank may not be held responsible in any way for any deficiency or inaccuracy in the information. Also, employees and advisors of our Bank do not have any responsibility regarding direct or indirect losses that may arise from contents, views and information being on the website.

Our Bank does not give any guarantee of information being on the website implicitly, clearly or legally, including but not limited to guarantees regarding not violating rights of third parties, property, being able to assign and transfer, salability, suitability for a certain purpose and/or not having computer viruses.

Our Bank and/or its employees may not be held responsible for any kind of loss and damage including but not limited to direct or indirect damages, losses and costs arising from any performance failure, fault, deficiency, cut, delay in operation and/or transmission, computer viruses and/or line and/or system failure during the use of this website, even they are informed about the possibility of that kind of loss and damage.

Copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights regarding information, materials and their regulation excluding the materials being on the website and belonging to third parties belong to Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank Inc.

Guarantees given here are valid for the information shared on this website and via other channels of our Bank, and in the websites given a link for here and in other websites, privacy policies, ethical principles and use conditions of visited websites are valid, and our Bank is not liable for any material and non-material losses that may arise in those websites.

The risk of websites that are linked to from here, as well as the risk of the links to other websites belong to the user. Accuracy of the information given on those websites and qualities of other links given on those websites have not been researched and confirmed by Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank Inc.

If the customer enters the website of our Bank or uses any information being on the website, they are assumed to have accepted the conditions stated above, and our Bank has the right to change and update conditions and provisions being in this legal warning, as well as any kinds of products and services, pages, information, visual elements, contents, and views being on the website without the need to make any prior notification.

Do not hesitate to consult our Bank on issues you want to get more information about.

You can call 444 0 123 for your questions and suggestions.

Institution Information

Address : Büyükdere Cad. No: 129/1 34394 Esentepe / ISTANBUL

Tel. : (0212) 354 11 11

Fax : (0212) 354 12 12

Authorized Auditing Body

Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency (BRSA)

Mailing Address: Bankacılık Düzenleme ve Denetleme Kurumu Atatürk Bulvarı No:191 B Blok 06680 Kavaklıdere/Ankara

Tel.: (0312) 455 65 00

Fax : (0312) 424 08 79


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